All the Joys

Conceptualized and created by three design students, All the Joys is a research-based activity book with a mission to help children discover their inner resilience.

We know that Covid-19 has taken a severe emotional toll on all of us, especially the young ones. This is why All the Joys: Quarantine Edition is a self-directed workbook that captures a sense of play, mystery, and exploration while navigating life indoors. 


the Book

Quarantine edition

This book was designed to help kids become resilient and empowered by giving them the tools to overcome challenges on their own. Tailored to a child's needs during the pandemic, the activities address: 

  • Emotional wellbeing

  • Feelings of loneliness

  • Overcoming negativity 

  • Dealing with strong emotions

  • Boredom 

The activities draw from resilience psychology, positive psychology, and mindfulness. The book includes visualization exercises, story-telling, habit tracking, emotion identification, and several forms of journaling. 

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The book is conceived from a very potent sweet spot: "I know how/confusion feels but look here is a way to navigate it that I came up with after the fact. So you'll be less wobbly." Sweet spot where authenticity and empathy meet. 

Sindhu Vee 


I really like the book, you can really embrace your thoughts and I especially really like the bit that says write down your dreams because I always forget what dreams I have.

Indira Hørder


I absolutely love this idea and I know parents and teachers are looking for resources like these

Shannon Berty


Right off the bat – it warms my heart to see this! 

Karishma Jhalani 


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